Monday, October 15, 2012

2012/2013 BYU Racquetball Schedule

Oct.19 - 7 A.M. Team Pictures at courts; wear blue shirt, nice jeans. Comb hair.

Oct.19 - 5:30 P.M. Team BBQ Party; Coach Paul’s Home

Oct.15-Apr.1 - Team Practice, 6 A.M. M, W & F (Excluding holidays & tournaments)

Oct.30-Nov.3 - Utah State Doubles at Marv-Jensen

Nov.14-17 - Mullet-Hoover Orem Tournament

Nov.30-Dec.1 - Gold’s Gym Ogden Tournament (Flow Rider Rocks!)

Dec.4 - Christmas Dinner

Jan.16-19 - Orem Open Tournament

Jan.7-Feb.15 - Nationals Team Selection

Jan.29-Feb.2 - Sports Mall Open

Feb.26-Mar.2 - UVU Open

Mar.15-16 - Collegiate Tourney at BYU

Mar.19-23 - National Collegiates (Location TBD)

Mar.26-30 - Utah State Singles Tournament

Apr.3 - End-of-Year Party

* Team dues ($150) plus any Wilson equipment needed.
* All memberships(USRA) will be done on an individual basis. About $50. Ask coaches if you need help signing up. You cannot play in tournaments unless you are a member.
* All tournaments will be paid for by individual team members, excluding Nationals, and perhaps the IRT event.

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