Team Manual, Practice Times

Racquetball Court Practice Times

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6:00 AM to 7:50 AM
Intermediate Group = Monday and Friday
Advanced Group = Wednesday and Friday 

*  You need to commit to the practice times and dedicate yourself to showing up for them. The more consistent you are with coming, the more your racquetball game will improve. The more your game improves, the more confident you will become in your tournament play and will see continued success in your matches.
* The Coaches pay attention to who is showing up and who is dedicated. The Nationals team will not only be chosen by who wins during ladder play, but also by the commitment we see displayed by the team members during the year.
* At times, you may have problems with your schedule and cannot come to practice. The coaches really appreciate it if you would contact them and explain your circumstances. It's a simple gesture of respect.