Syllabus 201R

Exercise Science 201R – 004
Extramural Racquetball
Required Prerequisites
Invitation by Head Coach/Instructor to participate on the team as a full-time team member.

Course Objectives
During and throughout this course students will:
1.     Demonstrate competence and proper technique in the intermediate and advanced racquetball skills through practice and competition for the University Extramural Racquetball team.
2.     Demonstrate proficiency with the rules, strategies and scoring in racquetball through game preparation, execution in competition, and refereeing in tournament play.
3.     Demonstrate improvement in racquetball skills and physical fitness.

1.     Attendance – Students must attend at least 80% of all required team events, including but not limited to practice, intercollegiate tournaments and community tournaments.
2.     Equipment – Students must arrive for team events properly outfitted and ready to participate in the activity. Proper equipment includes eyewear, court shoes, a glove and a racquet with a lanyard.
3.     Records – Students will be required to keep records of their seasonal progress on their goal sheets and will report to the coach during the team interviews.
4.     Game preparation – Students will be required to be appropriately prepared for competition by studying their opponents’ game strategy and implementing the correct skills learned during practice time.
5.     Citizenship – Students will be required to represent the Racquetball Team, The Extramural Department, Brigham Young University and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a positive manner.

Grading is based on participation, effort and attitude during team events, including but not limited to: practice, weight lifting & conditioning, tournaments, team meetings and individual meetings with the coach. Effort and attitude evaluation is determined by the Head and Assistant Coaches throughout the season.
If a student is cut or quits the team prior to the end of the semester they will receive a failing grade if less than 80% of the semester has been completed, or the student does not withdraw from the course. At the time of being cut or quitting the extramural racquetball team each student is responsible for dropping the course immediately if less than 80% of the course has been completed to avoid negative academic marks.

A = 90-100%          B = 80-89%          C = 70-79%          D = 60-69%          F = 59% or below